gingerbread house contest winner
Photo: Barbara A./
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Honorable Mention: Holiday Horse

"This holiday horse—hey, it's only one letter off from being a house!—was inspired by the rocking horse I built for my oldest son for Christmas when he was 2. The horse is made from gingerbread while the mane and tail are made from cooked and dried Ramen noodles. Red licorice strings serve as the reins and we made the area rug from sour strip candies, the saddle from marzipan, and the blocks from graham crackers "stained" with food coloring. In addition to typical baking and cake decorating tools we also used a ruler, X-Acto knife, level, hand held pumpkin carving saws, sandpaper to shape and smooth the edges and a hair dryer to dry the Ramen noodles."

Barbara A.
Florham Park, NJ
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