an heirloom christmas ornament from horse tack co.
Photo: Courtesy Horse Tack Co.
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Family Tree

"My grandmother got an ornament for my dad every year, that represented what he was into or had achieved that year. My dad used to pull them all out and talk to me about each one, and I remember asking him to tell me some stories over and over. They've both since passed, but I love digging the box of ornaments out every year to revisit their lives. Now, I do the same for my kid. She's only 5 years old, so there's a Baby's First ornament, a ballerina, a puppy (for when we got our little mutt), and a few others. I'm looking forward to building her collection. It means a whole lot to me and I hope it will be just as meaningful to her, too."

Dave R.
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For beautiful keepsake ornaments like the one shown here, visit Horse Tack Co.

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