carrying a freshly cut christmas tree
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Trip to the Tree Farm

"Christmas has to be my favorite holiday. When I was growing up my father worked two jobs, so it was a treat when dad was home. We always had a real tree, so we would go to a tree farm look forever for that perfect tree and my dad would cut it down. When we got it home, dad usually put the tree outside in a huge bucket of water for a few days until he was home again and had the time to get it up. Mom would be in the kitchen making cookies and hot cocoa, and dad, myself, and my siblings would take care of the tree. After it was all done, we would gather around the fireplace and watch Christmas specials on TV 'til we fell asleep. My dad had to lug us all to our rooms one by one. We still help with the Christmas tree, but now Dad lugs his grandkids in to bed."

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