decorated tree buried in snow out in the yard
Photo: Will Spaetzel
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Tree Toss

"We were hosting our first Christmas party in our new-to-us 1930s house. On the day of the party, I went to water our Christmas tree and noticed that the tree skirt and towel I had placed underneath the tree were both sopping wet. Soon we discovered that our tree stand had likely been leaking for days, if not weeks, and allowing water to slowly seep into the beautiful oak floors beneath. I was so upset I had my husband pick up the tree—ornaments, lights and all—and chuck it right out the door!

"After cleaning up the mess and wiping away a few tears from the ruined floors, I suddenly realized we needed a new tree—and fast—since the Christmas party was only hours away. With help from a few family members, we managed to get a new fake tree lit and decorated with time to spare. Thankfully, the party went off without a hitch, and no one seemed to notice (or at least said anything) about the decorated tree laying in the yard!"

Jill B.
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