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Handyman Holiday

"I'm a simple woman, married to a really wonderful guy. But, I grew up with a father who kept this tools in order, looked for projects to do, and enjoyed doing those projects. Then, I married a man who kept his tools in an old dishwasher in the garage, sighs and rubs his head every time I ask him to do a project, tells me everything will take at least three days, and has real trouble on the whole "getting started" thing.

So, here's what I want: My very own Barney. He's my own personal handyman that I've dreamed up. You can see I've already named him and everything. I can call him any day of the week and he'll come over without sighing or complaining, he'll do the work, not leave a mess, and ask me what else he can do before he leaves. My husband, in turn, would like his own cook. So, if anyone at TOH knows a Barney who's married to a chef, I'd sure like to find them."

Mary Kay G.
via email

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