compact couch built beneath a window in a narrow space
Photo: Mark Samu
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Space Saver

A window seat can be a compact couch where traffic flow is an issue, as in this tight spot in a sunroom with working French doors. Colorful, dressy fabrics give the bench a living room look, as do its furniturelike curved feet. A mix of plush throw cushions ups the comfort level without detracting from the tall windows behind it; cube-style coffee tables and small stools can be moved as needed to accommodate guests.

A mix of pillows offers a less bulky look than sofa cushions while still providing ample support when guests lean back.

Tip: Make sure to build your bench about 15 inches high to allow most people to sit comfortably, feet on the ground. A 3-inch cushion will bring the seat's height in line with that of most chairs.
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