sofa bed built into a window seat
Photo: Mark Samu
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Sofa Bed

An extra-deep window seat can serve as a comfy-enough-for-catnapping couch—and double as a crash pad for overnight guests. If you have the space, build the frame to the specs of an off-the-shelf twin- or full-size mattress—about 39 by 75 inches or 54 by 75 inches, respectively—and you've got a ready-made cushion just waiting to be covered; a jersey or flannel fitted sheet in a dark color or pattern can even do daytime duty. Then pile on the back pillows. Built-in drawers offer a convenient place to stow extra blankets and bed linens.

Tip: Install a pair of sconces directly above a sofa-style window seat where you'll want to read—6 feet from the floor is a good head-clearing height—so that you can keep up with that page-turner even after the sun sets.
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