collection of source materials for design inspiration of this remodeled shingle-style cottage
Photo: Susan Gilmore
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Behind the Design

The biggest inspiration for the redo was time spent in New England, where Michael and Andrea, an interior designer, were drawn to houses on the water with barn-style roofs, deep front porches, and shingles pickled by the salt air. Here are some of the items Andrea put together in her idea file.

Exterior Style
Photographs of spacious yet comfy seaside houses in the Shingle style inspired the front-facing gambrel roof, arched windows, curved window box, and wide, white-columned front porch.

Color Palette
A favorite book, Blue and White Living by Stephanie Hoppen, reminded Andrea how much she loved her grandmother's blue-and-white plates, with patterns similar to ones she found on a pair of china balls. Fabrics in those colors and warm beige round out the palette.

Fixed Finishes
Samples of subway tile and pale marble fed the design of the vintage-style kitchen and baths. Existing hardware was salvaged, given an antiqued-bronze finish, and reused to provide a link to the house's past.
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