color used to tie together master bedroom and bath in this remodeled shingle-style cottage
Photo: Susan Gilmore
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Suite Mates

Seven months later, the Kerrisons had their new old house, with cedar shingles replacing the painted ones and a front-facing gambrel roof over a foliage-filled window box. With its extra space, the house now easily handles Andrea's home office and visits by an extended family that includes four grown children and three grandkids under the age of 5. "Over the holidays, it's chaos," Andrea says happily.

One part early-20th-century summer cottage, one part 19th-century seaside New England, and one part contemporary flow and function, the house has warm, comfortably furnished rooms tucked inside a brand new shell, augmented by front and side porches and a deck in back to maximize outdoor living. "Yes, it does look like it's always been here," says Andrea, who is credited with having the vision to see the project through, right down to the custom stain on the faux-weathered shingles. "Friends walk in and think all I did was redecorate!"

Pictured: Dark wood tones and crisp blues and whites unite the master bedroom and bath.

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