wainscoting adds a semiformal touch  in this remodeled shingle-style cottage
Photo: Susan Gilmore
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Well-Adjusted Galley

Despite the heavy lifting, the layout downstairs stayed virtually as it was. To reinforce the galley kitchen's vintage bones, Andrea took out the fussy wallpaper, blond cabinets, and laminate counters and added pale marble work surfaces, painted recessed-panel cabinets, bin pulls, and subway tile.

Building a house from scratch might have been easier. "Walls were totally out of plumb," says Maas, referring to the challenges of ironing out floors, hanging cabinets, and replacing windows and doors when nothing wants to sit right. "We did a lot of reframing and readjusting," he says simply—and ordered cabinets with extrawide stiles to fill unavoidable gaps.

Pictured: The galley kitchen gained fresh style with period details.

Homeowner Tip: Andrea Kerrison says, "Period details should be warm and layered, as if the room evolved over the years."

Pendant over table: Ironworks, Holly Hunt
Flooring: Reichow Parquet Flooring Inc.
Rug: Robert J. Riesberg Antiques
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