sample of responsibly harvested hardwoods from good wood
Photo: Wendell T. Webber
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Guilt-Free Exotic Flooring
Good Wood

If you love the meandering gold and espresso streaks in marblewood from Brazil or the ripples in rambutan from Indonesia but worry about logging practices in such far-flung locales, let this purveyor of responsibly harvested exotics ease your conscience. Owner Thom Scott of Good Wood, in Westport, Massachusetts, imports the boards from ethically and environmentally sound sources, then kiln-dries and mills them here in the U.S. to his customers' specs.

Shown (from top to bottom), approximate per-square-foot base prices: rambutan, $10; marblewood, $8; Brazilian ebony, $10; black poisonwood, $8; and macacauba, $7; Good Wood
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