energy-saving water heater the Austin TV Project from 2007
Photo: Amy Rosenfeld
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24. Water heaters are a good place to look for energy savings

TOH projects, such as the one in 2007 in Austin, have incorporated tankless (or instantaneous), indirect, and solar hot-water systems—all proven technologies that can save money over their lifetimes when matched to a household's needs. But even basic water heaters sold today are much more efficient than older ones. Homeowners with one that's more than 10 years old should consider replacing it; a new one could even pay back with a rebate from the power company or the government.

"We've showcased a lot of energy-saving technologies over the years, and we'll keep on doing so, because we need them more than ever."
—Richard Trethewey, TOH Plumbing and Heating Expert
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