30 Years of TOH TV

Thirty years is a long time. More than a generation in human terms and several eons when it comes to television. Since This Old House's 1979 renovation of a worn Victorian-era house established home-improvement TV as a genre, we've traveled a long way, literally and figuratively. We've ventured to far-flung locales that include Hawaii, London, and Bermuda, and we've investigated and used a variety of new technologies, materials, and construction techniques. We've participated in a traditional barn raising and put together a factory-built modular house. We've emphasized the importance of good design and gotten better at conserving natural resources. And while we always honor the past, we've never been slaves to it—the show guys have even been known to say, upon pulling apart an old wall, "They don't build 'em like they used to. Thank goodness!" As times have changed, we hope we've helped you change along with them. So here's to 30 years' worth of good ideas, all TOH tested. Cheers!

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