woman using a faux finishing roller to apply blue paint to a wall
Photo: Don Penny/Time Inc. Digital Studio
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Faux Finishing

Decorative painting adds depth, texture, and a liveliness to walls, yet even the most daring look-alike effects—tanned hides, draped fabric—can be easily achieved without any fancy tools or brushwork. Just sheathe a roller frame with one of these specialty covers for a professional-looking finish that you can do yourself using just paint or a combination of paint and glaze:

1. Floppy roller
Soft scraps of chamois screwed to a fuzzy roller provide a fast, easy way to mimic the look of worn leather. About $10

2. Bag roller
For a washed-silk effect (shown left), use this instead of crumpling up a plastic bag and randomly blotting the wall. About $7

3. Rag roller
Get the look of crushed velvet or parchment paper, effects typically achieved by dabbing the wall with cotton cloths. About $7

All from Work Tools International Inc.
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