floor plans of a remodeled kitchen
Floor plans: Ian Worpole
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Floor Plans

The 135-square-foot room was poorly laid out, with the fridge and cooktop in opposite corners and no place to gather for quick meals or conversation.

Cooking and entertaining became easier with more space, distinct work zones, casual seating, and direct access to the dining room.

1. Created an arched opening
in the wall between the kitchen and dining room, yielding a direct path from the work zone to the table and a sight line from the front of the house to the back.

2. Gained space
by annexing the pantry and back entry porch, adding 50 square feet and creating a home for the range.

3. Removed a wall
to open up the kitchen to a new family room, creating just enough space in the kitchen for an island.

4. Added an island
with a sink and dishwasher to make prep and cleanup a cinch. Seating on the family room side helps keep visitors (snack-seeking dogs included) out of the cook's way.

5. Filled in a doorway
to create space for a three-cabinet-wide pantry unit.
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