pumpkin carving contest winners
Photo: maddoghoek100/ youroldhouse.thisoldhouse.com

You Picked 'Em!

We asked for a few jack-o'-lanterns and you delivered a harvest of masterpieces. Then, we asked you to pick your favorites, and pumpkin-lovers came out in droves to select these winners.

It turns out that with the right set of tools and a little ingenuity, a pumpkin can be fashioned into just about any form. From a 3-D relief carving inspired by Where the Wild Things Are to a painstakingly lettered sign that warns, "Beware!", here are YOUR top 10 picks.

Shown here: This carving was created by maddoghoek100 in New York, New York, and missed our entry deadline by mere minutes. But we liked it enough to give it honorable mention. Tools used were a Dremel, a Speedballer, and wood carving gouges. Keep reading for winners and finalists.

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