view of a kitchen in bright yellows and greens with a view to the door leading out to the patio
Photo: Mark Lohman
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Adding Joy to a Room

So the couple called in local colorist Kathleen Jewell. She took one look at the light pouring in on three sides and drew up a palette befitting the sunny space, including bright yellow walls, a citron ceiling, and lime wainscoting. Jewell set off the couple's colorful tableware with a dynamic turquoise backdrop and gave the room an edge, literally, with black trim around doors, windows, and floorboards. That revved-up range finally has surroundings that suit its playful spirit. Says Sue of the space: "It's fun and uplifting, and makes us smile."

Dishwasher and refrigerator: Whirlpool
Faucet: Kohler
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