toddler in a childproofed kitchen
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Child-proof Your Kitchen

If you already have young ones at home, you probably won't have to do much. But empty nesters and newlyweds will want to make sure their kitchen is safe for little visitors.

First make sure they can't get a hold of any potentially harmful objects, such as matches, lighters, sharp utensils and household cleaners, by storing them in upper cabinets or using child-safety latches. When cooking, unplug appliances not in use and wind up all cords (to prevent tripping and strangulation) and try to use the back burners of the stove as much as possible. If the front burners must be used, always turn pot handles to the back. A child-safety gate may also be a wise investment, even if you only have children over occasionally. Finally, make sure all electrical outlets are covered when not in use.
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