smart kitchen storage idea to keep your life organized: food storage container set
Photo: Courtesy Prime Pacific Trading
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Food Storage Container Set

Food containers create a common kitchen storage problem—good luck finding the lids to match the bowls when they all come tumbling out at you. Meanwhile, "foil-wrapped mystery bundles in the fridge make for forgotten leftovers that turn into science experiments," says Schneider. "You'll want to get food storage containers that are stackable and transparent, so you can see what's inside." This 49-piece set comes with eight 22-ounce containers, eight 12-ounce containers, eight 6-ounce containers, 24 lids, and a carousel to house them all. Containers are microwave-, dishwasher-, and freezer-safe. Carousel measures 11 inches wide by 6 inches deep by 11 inches high.

About $20; Prime Pacific Trading
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