smart kitchen and linen storage upgrades to keep your life organized: doormount spice rack
Photo: Courtesy Rev-A-Shelf
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Cabinet Door-Mount Spice Rack

"The pro of this option is that it puts to use an otherwise unused space," says Schneider. With the help of this rack, you can create a home for your spices and clear shelf space for other goods. Three trim-to-fit wood and chrome shelves offer full visibility to labels and accommodate a range of standard bottle sizes. The rack measures 13 3/8 inches wide by 4 inches deep by 25 inches high.

About $90; Rev-A-Shelf, LLC

Pro Tip: "Follow the 'next-to' rule and keep spices stored near the stove, but putting them over the stove isn't ideal," advises Schneider. Heat and humidity can degrade flavors and shorten the life spans of your favorite flavor-boosters.
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