one homeowner sanding one of the interior doors she refinished
Photo: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn
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Stripping Doors

Meanwhile, I set up shop in the backyard to sand and shellac all the interior doors. It was labor-intensive. We had a pro strip the doors, which I sanded by hand before finishing off with amber shellac. I finished about three doors a day.

We also had a crew dig out the basement so that we could pour a concrete floor and store the salvaged ­architectural materials that we accumulate for work there. After a week of having two guys cart out wheelbarrows of dirt for 8 hours a day, we had a mountain in our backyard. We used some to flatten out the yard's slope, and the rest we offered free on Craigslist to anyone willing to pick it up. Surprisingly, we got enough takers that there wasn't any left over to haul away.
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