floorplan of remodeled bungalow
Illustration: Ian Worpole
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What We Did

The 1,800-square-foot first floor of the 1919 home, which had no indoor bathroom until the 1980s, had been chopped up in recent years. The new owners restored much of the original plan.

Remodeling cost: $30,000 so far.
Time frame: Four years and counting.
Where we saved: Using discounted fixtures, a restaurant cart, and "oops" paint to redo the kitchen.
Where we splurged: Hiring contractors to help turn the rotting laundry room into a luxurious guest bath.
What we would do differently: Nothing! It was all a learning experience.
Biggest challenge: The dining room's hardwood floor looked like Swiss cheese after we removed fasteners from the top layers of carpet, linoleum, and subfloor.
How we solved it: We embraced the flaws as "character," running a drum sander over the boards and topping with a fresh coat of glossy polyurethane.
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