bungalow's laundry room after renovation into new guest bathroom
Photo: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn
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Bath: After

We thought about trying to do it ourselves but knew it would take us a year to do what they did in two months. To offset costs, we scoured sales and outlet stores for fixtures. I knew I wanted to mix vintage with modern finishes, so when we saw a rustic table in an antique store, we bought it and put a vessel sink on top. The claw-foot bathtub, meanwhile, came at a discount from a friend who refinishes them for a living.

Shown: The new guest bath occupies what was the back-porch-turned-laundry-room, which had settled into an off-kilter slope. An antique table and a 100-year-oldtub now mix with more modern touches, such as nickel-plated hardware.
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