Kitchen: Before

Our luck continued in the kitchen. Jimmy finally went a little crazy one day and pulled up the old vinyl floor while I was at work, to see what lay beneath. Sadly, it wasn't beautiful hardwood. I figured we'd have to shell out for tile or new linoleum to put over the pine, but Jimmy had seen someone paint a floor on TV and decided to give it a try. For two weeks, he painstakingly taped off the floor and created a diamond pattern with several shades of $5-per-gallon "oops" paint that had been returned to the home center. It looked great, so we decided to just install a new light, buy a restaurant supply cart for an island, and finish painting the space. Word of warning: Be sure you have enough "oops" paint before you start so that you don't end up trying to match it at full price. Jimmy nearly ran out before he finished the walls.
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