an array of antique tools, including antique hammers, chisels, hand planes, levels, compass, hand planes, and more
Photo: Russell Kaye
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The Day's Haul

The tool kit Norm assembled, which, once tuned up, will rival the collection in any craftsman's workshop
(counter-clockwise from bottom left):
• A set of chisels
• An adjustable wrench
• Sliding T-bevel
• 3-foot level
Spoke shave, which once did just what the name implies—shave curves onto wood wheels and spokes. Still great for rounding over sharp edges on a table or box
• 1-foot level, for tight places
Plumb bob, which is hung by a string with a tip that drops to a point directly below, creating a plumb line
Whetstone, for sharpening chisels
Router plane, for committed hand woodworkers, as it requires planing away a little bit of wood at a time as you move the tool through a groove in a board
Scribe, to get trim or cabinets to fit tightly; curved-claw hammer
Straight-claw hammer, handy for stabbing into roof shingles if you ever find yourself sliding off a roof
Clapboard gauge, for locking onto a board that's already been nailed up
Folding ruler
Yankee screwdriver, which is a spiral racheting driver that turns with a push of the handle
Ripsaw, for tearing through wood grain lengthwise
Monkey wrench
Hand drill, from the 1870s
Brace, which is a form of drill that has been around for more than five centuries
Try square
• Classic wooden toolbox
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