family enjoying the new side porch added to their cottage home
Photo: Julian Wass
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The Happy Family

The seamless result leaves visitors wondering where the old part ends and the new spaces begin, all while enjoying the many places for relaxing. "It's nice to have a house open up in many directions," says Broberg Smith. For the Gavants (who are shown here with their daughters Maya, 9, and Carly, 4, on the new side porch), that means coffee on their suite's porch and cookouts on the deck, while the girls have their domain upstairs. "The house is full of cozy places to just hang out in," says David. A few more words to add to any dream house description.

Though the renovation was much more complex than they could ever have imagined, the Gavants don't regret a thing. "I love history," says David. "Even though many people told us we would've been better off tearing the place down and starting over, we didn't want to."
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