exterior detail of the exterior addition to this summer cottage home
Photo: Julian Wass
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New Addition

In discussing ideas with contractor Robert Biondo and architect Erica Broberg Smith, the couple embarked on a series of "it made sense" decisions that eventually transformed their cottage from 1,500 square feet of ramshackle construction to 2,800 square feet of sound, high-functioning living space.

It made sense to bump out space for a dedicated kitchen. And while they were at it, it made sense to redo the bedrooms; the master had no foundation and the girls' room was barely big enough for one daughter, let alone two. "And once we decided to add on a downstairs master suite, it made sense to add a second floor for the girls' bedrooms," says David.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of keeping the old rooms intact while adding new spaces was reconciling the rooflines. Because the cottage had evolved somewhat haphazardly, new areas needed to look as though they had, too. "We ended up with 10 different roof elements," says Broberg Smith.
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