floor plans of an attic remodel
Illustration: Ian Worpole
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Before and After: Floor Plans

The existing attic was a warren of tiny rooms. After removing the interior walls, Felipe invited over two friends, gave each a hammer, mask, and goggles, and they finished the demolition in an afternoon. Now a single wall separates the bathroom from the bedroom.

1. A rear-discharge toilet looks plumbed to the floor, but its waste pipe—too big to pass through the floor joists—snakes behind the knee wall instead.

2. Seven doors now access knee-wall storage closets where the homeowners keep everything from out-of-season clothes to suitcases to holiday decorations.

3. A half-wall, 9 inches thick to allow for bookshelves, makes the stairs' enclosure less of an obstruction and lets light reach the center of the space.
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