attic bedroom with built-in shelves and skylight
Photo: David Prince

An Attic Master Bedroom

Who: Claudia and Felipe Menanteau
Where: Piscataway, NJ
What: Converted their attic into their master bedroom, bath, and home office

The small 1950s ranch suited its new owners, except for one thing. They wanted a master suite. But how to get it when the first floor was jammed with the kitchen, living and dining rooms, the home's sole bathroom, and two tiny bedrooms, one soon to be a nursery? Adding on wasn't an option. So Claudia and Felipe Menanteau looked up—to the attic.

A half-wall now encloses the staircase to open up the space and allow sunshine from the new skylights to flood the room. Built-ins keep the space clean and functional.

Skylights lend the illusion of height when raising the roof isn't an option.

Bed quilt, sheets, pillows: HomeGoods
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