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Getting More Function

This one, with its striking seven ­gables and deep overhangs, caught her imagination because of its "fairy-tale feel," she says. "But the kitchen didn't have any of the charm of the rest of the house. It felt like this big empty room."

Her priority was to step up the function and improve the flow with more prep and storage space, plus room for various activities, while making it a stylistic match to the house. Noticing how the back-door alcove hemmed in the fridge and how the placement of the dining room door made it impossible to add cabinets to its left, she bumped the wall out 3½ feet, squaring off the room. In one blow she rid the kitchen of its back door and moved the fridge nearer the stove.

The bumpout, with four sunny windows, also made space for two alcoves and, in effect, three rooms in one, with a crafts center and office nook alongside the cooking area. "I started out by establishing circulation patterns," says Penzenik, who recessed the workstations to keep them out of the flight path to the dining room.
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