a remodeled vintage-look kitchen
Photo: Eric Roth

Rehabbing a Dysfunctional Kitchen

Kitchens are natural gathering places, and the more they cue up feelings of hearth and home, the stronger the pull. But when the owners of this ­kitchen, Eileen Eisele and Greg Ruccio, moved into their 1906 Shingle-style house with their young daughter, the existing space felt as if it had been dropped into place without regard to early-20th-century architectural traditions or 21st-century lifestyles. It was large enough but lacked a heart. "All the workstations were around the perimeter, with nothing in the middle," says Eileen, as if to discourage them from grabbing a meal together or working on the mother-daughter craft projects they enjoy.

A professional photo stylist, Eileen knew she could create a warmer mood with just a few changes in the visual landscape.
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