a cottage built into a hill; the hobbit house
Photo: Courtesy Simon Dale
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Hobbit House

Wales, United Kingdom

It wasn't Simon Dale's intention to build a so-called Hobbit House, but he's embraced the name his DIY woodland home was given by the media. Dale, who had no previous building or architectural experience, built the turf-roofed structure with the help of friends and family in just three months. He used sustainable practices and eco-friendly, reclaimed materials. The house is on land provided for free by an owner who was looking for caretakers to live on-site. One of the caretaking duties played nicely into Dale's building plan: He used wood from the trees he thinned out for framing and details. About his home's resemblance to something a Tolkien character might live in, Dale told The Independent newspaper: "I'm no literary expert, but hobbits seem to be a representation of humans living in a sustainable sort of way. I'm happy with that."
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