Blue House

Klagenfurt, Austria

Peter Kaschnig wanted to see what would happen if he surrounded himself with just one color. So he painted everything on and inside his house—even houseplants—blue, a color that has healing and calming effects according to some research. The project has made the neighbors anything but calm, though. They've called Kaschnig's experiment "ridiculous" and the attention it has brought to the neighborhood "a real nuisance." But Kaschnig told The Sun, a British newspaper, "The results exceeded my expectations. It really does have an amazing impact on the senses to have everything in one color. It changes the whole 3-D impact of a room." Color perceptions are largely subjective, but studies in the 1940s and '50s showed that exposure to the color blue stimulated areas of the autonomic nervous system and caused blood pressure to drop, producing feelings of tranquility. A more recent study published by Science suggests that blue also enhances creativity.
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