hammacher schlemmer aquatic pod suite floating house
Photo: Courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer
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Aquatic Pod Suite


Hammacher Schlemmer made good on its promise to offer "the best, the only and the unexpected" with this $91,100 floating suite. (The suite is no longer part of the company's inventory; its website lists it as "Sold Out") Each UFO-looking structure offered 150-square-feet of living space. It was designed to be anchored permanently at any location, and provide panoramic views above and below the water, with beam lights illuminating underwater views at night. A diesel generator provided 220 volts of electricity to power the central air system and Bose stereo. The unit also featured a minibar, King-size bed, bathroom, and a 6½-foot-wide sunbathing terrace that doubled as a bumper to protect your investment from reckless jet-skiers. The price covered delivery to any U.S location, "white-glove" assembly, an official water launch, and new-owner training by a four-man crew.
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