a copper angle statue/birdbath surrounded by sheared boxwoods and a circle of lavender plants
Photo: Mark Lohman
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3. Create Layers of Enclosure

In a small side garden, a low boxwood hedge forms a semicircle to highlight a statue, which is surrounded by fragrant lavender. You could do the same for a birdbath or other focal point. In the background, clipped plantings of tall which add privacy by screening the security fence behind it.

TOH TIP: Time rejuvenation pruning to be least traumatic. In cold areas, spring is the best time to cut back formal hedges. That way plants can regroup, put on plenty of new growth from summer to fall, and be healthy enough to get through a harsh winter. Most plants tolerate surface shearing as needed over the course of the growing season. How often will depend on the type of plant used and the growing conditions.
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