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What They Did

By relocating the kitchen during a ground-floor reorganization, the architect was able to create an ultra-functional square-shaped workspace.

1. Relocated the kitchen to what had been a ground-floor guest bedroom. The architect kept the room's original footprint.

2. Built counters along the perimeter of the room and created an efficient work triangle that encompasses the sink, stove, and refrigerator.

3. Added an island with drawers for utensils and a slide-out trash can—handy during meal prep. The new workspace has no door to the outside, so traffic flows around the island, not through the room.

4. Installed a skylight above a trio of windows, made possible by a small setback on the new second floor.

5. Carved a breakfast room out of the former guest bath. Sliding glass doors replaced small windows, providing access to the garden and bringing in light.
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