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Photo: Mark Lohman
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Looking Ahead

Needing more room overall, they asked local architect Michael O. Eserts to add a second story and a kitchen that would be "simple and clean, and which they would still love in 30 years," says Eserts. He moved the bedrooms upstairs and turned the old galley into stairs, a sitting nook, and a powder room. The easiest part of the project, he says, was tucking the new kitchen and an adjacent breakfast area into the footprint of the old guest suite. Efficient and well proportioned, the new space has an island and loads of marble countertops, which provide a luxurious amount of work area. The white-painted cabinets with inset doors are a model of organization, with each designated to hold specific items such as cereal boxes or food-storage containers, while the Viking offers serious cooking power. Highly functional but warm, the kitchen has a timeless style that will stay fresh for years to come.
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