a welcoming place for children: before
Photo: Linda Z
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A Welcoming Place for Children: Before

Who: Linda Z
Where: Conway, Ark.

The previous owners of our early 1930 home created one big T-shaped, 700-square-foot attic room with an adjoining bathroom. Before the remodel, we defined areas with bookcases and file cabinets and created our daughter's bedroom in the bottom of the T, our office on the side with the spiral staircase, and a playroom on the other side. It became a place for collecting things we did not want to put anywhere else.

During the remodel, the room was divided into three rooms: one for our daughter, one for our son, and one for living (doing homework, hanging out with friends, watching television, etc.). Both bedrooms have a door into the bathroom. Our daughter's room had existing closets, but a full-sized closet was added to our son's room.
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