a noteworthy nursery: after
Photo: Jeff and Holly L
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A Noteworthy Nursery: After

Who: Jeff and Holly L
Where: Bethlehem, Ga.

This room posed a unique problem. There was a bulge in the wall where the chimney protruded into the space. We could have boxed it in, but what fun would that be? Instead, we created a faux fireplace. We found a great mantle at an antique shop for $125. The cover that we found was also a great deal. We purchased four decorative tiles for the corners and voila. A perfect centerpiece for the room! My husband also came up with a sheetrock-free solution for this room. He covered the walls with flat panels. He then routed the edges of plain poplar boards and paired them with custom molding to create the look of a poor-man's judges panel.

Who did the work: I did all the work myself
Cost: Under $1,000
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