Create a console table
Photo: Copyright Karen Bussolini, 2008. All rights reserved.
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5. Create a console table–type planter for alongside seating

Instead of displaying plants on a metal stand, build a planter with legs and place it next to furniture on your deck, terrace, or patio. This planter was made from an old metal sink supported by rustic cedar posts, then filled with cactus mix, planted with succulents, and topped with gravel. In this almost waist-high display, a vivid-red pancake kalanchoe and cool-green sedums can be fully appreciated. Light-catching objects-—fishing buoys, slag glass, and rock crystal—add an element of surprise. For more on how to build the planter shown here, see slide 9 in this gallery.

Or Try This: Show off a collection of plants: ferns, alpines, even orchids.
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