an outdoor sweeping machine by haaga great lakes topsweep 255
Photo Courtesy of Haaga Great Lakes
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Outdoor Sweeper

If you're all for getting your hands dirty in the yard, but less enthusiastic about the clean-up, the Haaga Topsweep 255 will make quick and easy work of tidying. This people-powered, push machine features a dual-action sweeping system with rotating brushes and can pick up wet and dry debris, including everything from dust and cigarette butts to pulled weeds and hedge clippings, to even bigger debris, like the Junior's stray juice boxes. Everything gets brushed into a built-in collection unit, stirring up very little dust. This lightweight model is great for walks and drives. It can be easily assembled without tools and stores flat. For larger spaces, consider the heavy-duty Haaga 696.

About $299 for the Topsweep; Haaga Great Lakes
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