garden groom hedge trimmer from gardener's supply company (by Garden groom)
Photo Courtesy of Gardener's Supply Company
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Hedge Trimmer

What's worse than finishing a hedge shape-up, only to look down and realize you've got an hour-long clean-up still ahead? The Garden Groom Pro trims, shreds, vacuums, and collects waste into an attached oversized collection bag. This tool offers a safe alternative to trimming, with completely concealed blades to protect you and the power cord from accidental cuts. Two-hand operation with large top and rear handles makes for even more safety and precision. If you question your Garden Groom-ing ability, an instructional video and the manual's helpful troubleshooting section will guide you along. For smaller jobs, opt for the Garden Groom Jr. (with a smaller, built-in collection unit).

About $225 for the Pro model, and $149 for the Jr. model; Garden Groom
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