450 husqvarna 50th anniversary chain saw
Photo Courtesy of Husqvarna
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Chain Saw

Live on a wooded lot? Got a fire pit? Then a chain saw is a must, and you can't do much better than Husqvarna's 50th Anniversary 450 for landowners. It's equipped with a Smart Start decompression valve that ensures an easy, smooth start-up. This machine features the desirable combo of high power (3.2 hp) and low weight (11 lbs). Add an ergonomic rear handle, fuel-efficient and low emission X-TORQ engine with vibration reduction technology plus enhanced safety features, and you've got yourself one impressive cutter. If you're only an occasional user and don't need quite this much power, try the new, smaller 440, 240, or 235 e-seires homeowner models.

Don't forget your safety gear while operating chain saws: protective chaps and/or jeans, eye and ear protection, proper footwear and work gloves are recommended.

About $369 for the 50th Anniversary 450, and about $219-$289 for e-series models; Husqvarna
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