Dining room before
Photo: Jeon F
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Surviving the Renovation Storm: Before

Who: Jeon F.
Where: Cleveland, Ohio

My 1912 colonial had many wonderful original features, but one that it greatly lacked was a view of the backyard. And so, like with most house projects, the adventure began. Removal of the brown paneling and carpeting revealed layers upon layers of wallpaper and paint that documented the various tastes of the many previous homeowners. The 1960's ½ bath addition greatly encroached on the dining room and was our next piece to be deconstructed. The sense of accomplishment drew nearer as the sound of plastic tiles popped off and fell to the floor. All of the remaining lathe and plaster on the back wall was also removed. A nine panel French door unit with sidelights was selected, and my handy man was called into action.
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