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Photo: Nathan Kirkman
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At first the house seemed plenty big for us, but with no family room, no garage, and no master bath, we soon decided to add on. By lopping off the back bedroom and back porch, we figured we could fit an addition that would hold a family room and garage downstairs, with a master suite and a rental apartment above to ­defray costs. We brought in local architect J. David Bryant Jr. to work out the addition, based on a Barber carriage-house plan. General contractor Montie Brown who built it also helped update the heating, wiring, and plumbing in the house, and he added ­central AC. We found a carpenter to reproduce Barber’s porch, using factory-made millwork, and a paint consultant who could put together a period-appropriate palette.

Shown: Based on a carriage house designed by the home's original architect, the addition has a garage accessed via a ribbon driveway that mimics 19th-century carriage tracks. The box bay is part of a rental apartment put in to defray costs.

Ribbon driveway: Mick-Murf Construction Inc.
Garage doors: Holmes Garage Door Co.
Stonework: Matlock Masonry
Mountain stone: Lee Brick and Block
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