Artistic Whitewash Bath Remodel: After
Photo: Laura Cooperman and Benjamin Kuester
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Artistic Whitewash: After

Who: Laura Cooperman and Benjamin Kuester
Where: Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Having no idea how hard it would be, we tore out the pink tile and put up white subway tile and beadboard. We made the vanity and open shelves ourselves; the period molding and ceramic top on the toilet tank came from a Habitat for Humanity resale store. For a final touch, we painted some picture frames lipstick red and used them to show off the vintage pinup-girl postcards my grandmother used to collect. Maybe it was beginner's luck, but we finished in about a month, unscathed. Okay, we had to go a few days without showering—but we got an awesome bathroom.

Who did the work: I did all the work myself
Cost: About $1,400
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