a reader remodeled kitchen before in Shreveport, La.
Photo: Marcia B
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Getting Rid of the Scary Kitchen: Before

Who: Marcia B
Where: Shreveport, La.

My 1949 kitchen was a complete hysterical mess: pink and yellow metal cabinets, a broken dishwasher, one burner working on the cooktop, a badly installed garbage disposal that was falling off, a refrigerator from a pawn shop, lighting and electrical that were dangerously installed improperly, gaping holes open to the attic, and the best conversation starter—two pink wall ovens (not working), with one installed at the ceiling level.

I lived with the scary kitchen for five years, saving every bit of money I could from my only income from my art studio. When I found I had visitors from the attic, chewing away at the poor electrical wiring and in my walls that had no insulation, it was time to do a complete remodel.
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