a Meco water smoker for meat fish or cheese used in outdoor grilling
Photo: Andrew McCaul
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Smoke it

Smoke meat, fish, or even cheese at low temperatures in Meco's generously sized water smoker. Green or wet wood chunks set to burn atop the coals infuse the food with distinctive flavor.

About $130; Cooking.com

Smoked Cheese

Mild or sharp cheddar or Monterey Jack cheese, cut into 4-oz. chunks
Fresh herbs, such as sage or tarragon, blanched and dried flat
Red pepper flakes

1. Wrap each cheese chunk in foil, shiny side out, leaving top open.
2. Press herbs into top of cheese, and sprinkle with a few red pepper flakes.
3. Get smoker going very low and slow. Add wood (try mesquite or hickory) to low-burning coals. Fill water pan.
4. Set foil-wrapped cheese on cooking grid; cover. Smoke for 30 to 60 minutes, checking often to ensure it doesn't melt.
5. Remove from smoker. Cool, unwrap, and serve.
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