a Vertical Roaster's vented cone next to bottle of beer
Photo: Andrew McCaul
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Rule the Roast

Make Beer Can Chicken sans the can. Fill the vertical Roaster's vented cone with beer (or wine), slide the bird on top, and cook veggies on the perforated base.

About $30; Williams Sonoma

Beer Can Chicken

1 whole chicken1 tbs. vegetable oil1/3 cup spice rub
1 can (12 oz.) beer

1. Rub oil all over chicken. Sprinkle half the spice rub in cavity, the rest over bird.
2. Drink half of beer.Lower chicken cavity onto beer can (if using roaster, empty beer into cone; fit chicken cavity over top of cone).
3. Heat gas grill to medium, or burn coals till covered with ash.
4. Place chicken on grill and cover. Cook till thermometer reads 170 degrees F in breast, 180 in thigh.
5. Remove from heat. Let rest 10 minutes before lifting it off can. Dig in!
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