outdoor kitchen fireplace with children roasting marshmallows
Photo: Mark Lohman
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Extra: Cozy Hearth

9. Focal points like a fireplace or pizza oven do extend the season, and the overall appeal, of an outdoor kitchen. A fireplace starts about $8,000. A basic pizza-oven kit starts at $3,000, with the custom surround adding several thousand dollars more to the project. Mark Berry built his own for about $2,000, using plans from a book. "It really is great for entertaining," he says. "It creates a lot of ambience." As for the happy owners of this kitchen, while they love the convenience of their gas grill, it's the wood-burning fireplace that's the star. "It adds so much warmth," says the wife. And, of course, "it's perfect for roasting marshmallows."

Bottom Line: Short on cash? You can fire up a firepit for about $100.
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